Meet Vlad&Anasta

  • Anastasia is a vegan chocolate maker with over 5 year of experience. Her chocolate brand Choc'N'Raw started in 2016 and now it is well known in the LA vegan community. She is giving online and offline master classes on how to make your own sugar free healthy dessert for your family and kids.

  • She decided to move into this direction because she saw amounts of sugar in Americans' every day diet. And not only sugar but unhealthy sweeteners and sugar substitutes such as Aspartame, palm oil and soy lecithin. When she was pregnant she was craving for healthy alternatives and back then in 2014-2015 were very few options for people who were following a living foods diet. So she started learning a new way of making raw vegan living desserts and how to keep them not only healthy and nutrient but also have them taste good. So she developed a line of chocolate and candies for women (pregnant and recently given birth) and their kids so they could enjoy sweets which are basically superfoods.

  • Due to COVID19 we put our Choc'N'Raw operations on hold but Anastasia gives her master classes online and provides consulting to several local vegan restaurants improving their menus.

  • Holds certificate in nutrition from University of Pennsylvania

  • Food Future Institute Certificate (by Matthew Kenney)

  • Vlad is passionate about Sustainability in general. Also his interests lie in the fields of green buildings, permaculture design and living food lifestyle.

  • Currently he is managing 5 large assisted living communities in the Greater LA area making the lives of seniors better.

  • Bachelor of Science (Finance)

  • UC Berkeley MBT (Global Business Management)

  • UCLA Sustainability (certificate)

  • Permaculture Academy student

  • LEED green associate

  • GRID Alternative volunteer

  • Volunteering in a project in Mojave desert aiming to create a sustainable food forest by applying all new green technologies

You can read more on why it's important to follow a living foods diet and how living chocolate and other desserts can boost your energy and health.