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Why we all need to start eating more living food?

What is living food?


What is the difference between food that is alive and food that is dead?

Viktoras Kulvinskas, an influential and pioneering leader in the raw food world, found

that once food is dried (think dried fruit vs fresh fruit), the temperature of the food could go as

high as 150 degrees before the enzymes were destroyed (ps: raw/not-raw is discussed around

enzymes being alive and kicking or dead as a door knob) . Kulvinskas testing method was basic: heating food then trying to sprout said food. If the food sprouted it meant that the food was still raw at the temperature it was heated too.


Why? Why should we all eat living food?



You might be wondering what’s the point of that? Well, heating most foods has been shown to destroy vital vitamins, nutrients and minerals that are essential for our bodies. You know that saying “ Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” ? Well, this is what it's referring to, getting as much from our food as possible to support our bodies.


How? Should I become a 100% raw vegan or I can stay omnivorous and eat living food from time to time?


This is a very good question.

If you wanna live long and prosper you definitely should convert to a 100% living food diet. Is it an easy path? For sure it is not!

But it is 100% worth it. And we believe It should be a gradual step by step transition.

We are following this guide line in our life:

  1. Completely give up all processed foods

  2. Cleanse your body and mind

  3. Start including more living foods into your diet (fruits, veggies, greens, seeds and nuts)

  4. Start making and growing your own living foods anywhere you can

  5. Completely convert to living food diet

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