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About Us


We created this community because we believe that our planet needs to calm down.

We are in a constant rush for money, glory, etc.

It's time to make a pause and look inwards.


We follow a holistic approach.

  1. You should rouse yourself. Clean your mind and body

  2. Convert to eating more living foods daily

  3. Reconnect with Earth: Start gardening to create Paradise for yourself and future generations.

Why "Way We Green"?


There are thousands of communities in USA and CA. How are we different?


We are all different but we are united by one passion of making this world a better and GREENER place.

So the idea is not to be connected based on one value or concept but rather learn to listen each other and learn from each other. Each one of has his own vision of future but we all believe this future is more harmonious and nature friendly. So this community allows to express your thoughts and ideas on his/her way towards this better greener future.

Why Sloth?

Modern Americans probably work longer hours than any other people in the history of the world. A whole lot of our problems seem to come from too much unnecessary work!

We like Fukuoka and Mollison strongly believe that humans could do better things with their time, like write poetry, make love, care for their families, friends communities and the earth.

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